Biz Rocks

About us

We help business owners and leadership teams get what they really want out of their organization. With EOS we show how harmonizing and orchestrating all the moving parts really can make a difference in results and profitability. Stephen R. Covey often said, “If the big rocks don’t go in first, they aren’t going to fit in later.” With Biz Rocks we help leadership teams crystalize their vision and then lead with discipline and accountability to define the big rocks that will move the company forward toward the vision.

We strictly implement EOS into organizations, remaining focused on the system that is proven to deliver incredible results for thousands of companies.

Bryan Uecker

Professional EOS Implementer

Bryan Uecker, a life-long entrepreneur, started Biz Rocks after over 20 years of consultative experience for numerous industries. He has found that the EOS approach has delivered significant financial gains, improved leadership collaboration, structured strategic direction, and developed “built-to-last” mentalities within numerous small and medium sized organizations.

Instead of default results from the status quo, Bryan’s passion is for helping leaders stretch and envision an inspiring future that pulls them forward. Then with clarity, they can get to work building that vision with real disciplined traction – rock by rock by rock.

No matter whether working with start-ups, 100-year old companies, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, creatives, or number crunchers, Bryan can speak the common language of leadership and facilitate the communication necessary to unearth latent ideas and motivation to bring about real change. What Bryan loves most about his mission is seeing the transformation that happens when the whole organization is aligned, disciplined, and rowing in the same direction – an ongoing work of art.

What future will you choose for your biz? The same-old almost certain default one? Or one that lights you up? Let’s rock it.